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Well, I for one was surprised to learn that Rare is leaving. Although in retrospect, I feel it should have come as no surprise. He’d been giving off a weird vibe over the past year that sort of unsettled me and I eventually gave up trying to keep him in the loop about my storyline plans and instead started designing the story so as to not require any (or at least minimal) work from him. I had always felt guilty asking him for things, as I understood he was incredibly overworked, but it became more of an issue once he–for lack of a better way to describe how it felt to me–lost his enthusiasm. I’m reminded of when a Morpheus puppet shouted “Free your minds!” and began detonating code bombs in Chelsea, followed by server-wide FFA-PvP. Or when the Oracle puppet meatwadded everyone on the server. While I hoped to do more like that in the future, I ultimately felt compelled to opt for something that I could complete solo, although in the end, I wasn’t able to finish enough of it by my self-imposed deadlines in order to keep it from stagnating. I’m sorry.

Much like everyone else, I will be waiting to see what happens next. If I can still carry out the rest of the story in June and there is still an audience for it, then I will continue to devote myself to the project. If I deem that I can’t commit the work to the story that my audience deserves, then I’ll follow Rare’s example and provide a write-up of the story. Maybe some people would even be willing to collaborate and help create a storybook that would tell the stories of the Watchmaker, 991, and the crew from start to finish. Either way things go, I think I’d like to do that in the end. It would make a nice memento to commemorate one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.

Anyways, depending on how things boil down over the next month or two, I may post asking for feedback on how others would like my particular branch of storyline to continue. I’m particularly proud of the intended plot and resolution of this storyline so I guarantee that you will hear the ending eventually, one way or the other.

P.S. My apologies if my last entry was too verbose for reasonable translations into Italian.


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  1. Well i think that at least you’ll got forever a one man audience even this audience can understand well the verbosity of the english words!

    I am sorry about rare, cause i think i feel guilty for thinking him the mai guilty of the state of the MXO, but there still something that keep me inside this game, and is the hope come out from your storyline, whoever there is under the many mask you wear , i still hope that you wear that for many many many time in the future…

    Did i already mention that… MY ENGLISH SUCKS???? lol

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