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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Yesterday I spent $15 to resub because I suddenly felt nostalgic for MxO and wanted to have an OOC chat with all the old familiar names. You know who you are.

Unfortunately, I forgot that the old people don’t log in like they used to and was unable to find anybody who knew who I was. Oh well.

At any rate, if you’re interesting in chatting via IM sometime, feel free to leave me a comment with your info. I seem to primarily use AIM these days, although I’ve used Gtalk, Xfire, and MSN in the past.


I came to my computer at 3 a.m. determined to write. I have been feeling the need for weeks.  I finally was able to begin the journey with a few steps. I wouldn’t even go as far as to call it a rough draft. Just an attempt to form the things that I see in my head into words. A stream of consciousness from my third eye, I suppose. I spent 30 minutes writing what I saw. I present it here because that is what writing is for.


Who am I?

Cheap plastic rectangle, blue trim, blue italics. A place. Tony’s Diner. Black block letters. A name.

My name is Nikki.

Soft blue fabric surrounds the plastic. White stripes. The embroidered collar of the blouse. Pleated dress. Waitress uniform. Waitress from Tony’s Diner.

Where am I?

It’s dark. I can hear… something. Rattling

Plastic seats, stuffy recirculated air, bored people trying at all costs to avoid eye contact. Chartreuse flowers on burgundy background, olive leaves. A floral fabric rarely seen outside a very specific context. I’m on a bus.

To my right, an empty seat. No purse waiting at hand. Tufts of brown hair curl out from under the baseball cap ahead. On the back is a red star with a yellow bar through it. There’s a smell in the air. The smell of burning. Gasoline fumes. The smell of a crowded bus on a hot day. It is dry and the smells are rubbing the inside of my nose raw with their overwhelming presence.

A bump in the road startles me. It must have been a pothole. To the left there is desolation. It is dry and empty and dead. The plants are small and thirsty. They go on forever. The mountains are just as brown and lifeless. They are far and unassuming. They are pigeons on a telephone wire.

Looking at this broken landscape, I know without doubt that I do not belong here. This is not where I am supposed to be. This place is hostile and foreign and I do not belong here. It is the nightmare that has swallowed me. This bus ride through hell.

A fat lazy fly settles on the rim of the window glass. It is performing its ritual, cleansing its body of the filth and stink of humanity. These thoughts come to me unbidden. How did I get here, Mr. Fly?

Something goes past so quickly that it is almost gone before it exists. A wooden arrow points into the reverse. Tony’s. Best Diner in Alancha Mesa Country. 5 miles. That way. The wrong way. The other way.

“Stop the bus!” I shout. I didn’t mean to do it, but I have to go back. Tony’s Diner is all I have to hold onto. It is the fragile lifeline to a past I might never get back. “Please stop, I have to get off the bus!” I run to the front of the bus. It is already pulling to a lurching stop.

“This ain’t a stop, lady. 5 miles back to the stop.” I can see the annoyance in his eyes. The minutes of the drive ahead are adding up in his mind. I can see the crazy woman’s demands reflected in his pupils. “It’s hot out there, lady. What you want out there?”

“I forgot something.” I pause. “I have to go back.” It only takes him one look up and down to convince him to flip the lever to open the doors. He has already labeled me a lost cause. He wants nothing more to do with me.

Well. As you may have noticed, Rarebit has left us. That came as quite a surprise to me, although I feel like it explained some shifts that occurred over the past year. As you many have also noticed, 01mainframe has also expired. That was not something of my doing, as I never owned the domain. It was held by an ex-LESIG who left the game years ago, but assured me that he would always keep 01mainframe alive for me indefinitely. It was very generous of him to do that for me for so long and I think we all apreciated it. I haven’t spoken to him in quite some time so I’m not sure what happened, but maybe I’ll find out some day. Unfortunately, I imagine someone within MxO might buy the domain and abuse whatever is left of my notoriety. Oh well. The combination of Rarebit leaving and losing 01mainframe was very unfortunate. However, that is not what has stopped me from continuing my work. I had a lot of trouble with my classwork last quarter and was very concerned about not passing my courses. As I may have mentioned earlier, I am a third-year physics student. Not an easy calling. In fact, spring quarter just began this week and I already had 3 assignments due yesterday in general relativity, cosmology, and classical mechanics and only 3 days to do them.

Furthermore, my summer schedule is no longer conducive to me putting in 6 or 7 hours of development work a day, as I did every day after work the previous 2 summers. This summer I’ll be (hopefully) transitioning to a new job at a different research facility, as well as (hopefully) taking summer classes so I can still graduate on time. Add in a trip to visit family and a possible vacation in Italy (although maybe summer ’10) and I don’t have the time that my visions require to become reality.

While the intended dream of an interactive story that brought together the crew, UT, the mysterious 31195 man, certain locations in the Real, and some of my previous storylines, into a large and conclusive finale might never happen, I am toying with the idea of seeing it through to the end with a series of short stories from the perspectives of generic redpills, coppertops, and programs from the simulation that would be representative of the players that were supposed to be having these experiences in the original interactive storyline. These short stories (probably posted in Next Renaissance), maybe in the format of blogs, emails, journals, or reports, would then show players what was supposed to happen and give players an ending to the story. Unfortunately, it would rob them of the intended ability to influence the outcome of a series of events leading to the culmination of the story and beginning of a future story arc, but without the time to develop those things, or do the series of tasks for the crew and UT that were required, I cannot hope to provide that experience to the players. I am also forced to scrap what was planned to be another competitive challenge that spanned both in-game and out of game content that would wrap things up. It had been code-named Project Pandora and was one of the first projects in a long time where I was forced to seek outside help. I leave it to your imaginations. I really do need to do something with all these photos I took of facilities in the Real from various locations between California and Colorado. 😛

There is at least one part of the story that players can still participate in… it involves several hundred photoshopped screenshots. Although now that 01mainframe is gone, it looks like I will have to start uploading to photobucket.

At any rate, please feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about the non-interactive storytelling method of conveying my final chapter. At present, it is the best I can hope to offer. I’m sorry but that’s just how things turn out. I’m glad I was able to do what I did during the glory days of MxO. I’m not saying goodbye or anything at all like that… just see you later. Maybe in another form or another life. Who knows, I might come to you guys to test a different sort of story for me in the future. Time travel and parallel universes. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll continue to leave blog entries here from time to time and provide bits of nostalgia and trivia in between homework and finals. And to those of you who have asked for permission to get copies of the content that was previously on 01mainframe for the purpose of rehosting it elsewhere, get back to me with the details of how we might make the trade.

Oh. And since Virrago is apparently converting all of MxO over to this, feel free to have a cute anime battle with me:

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