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I share everyone’s disappointment with the end of MxO. As you can imagine, I will be trying to craft a finale event to execute in July. I’ll be too busy in June with finals and a vacation out of state. While the crew and United Tomorrow deserve a proper ending, I think the Jokers are the most likely candidates to ride out the end of the world with you.

I will continue slowly updating this blog during and after the end of MxO. I’d like to stay in touch with the MxO community and hopefully involve them in my future story-crafting endeavors. I’d also like to share all the remaining unreleased story material and anecdotes.  This includes a rundown of the BA52 story as it was supposed to occur.  I think I’ll try to package a .rar with the entire 01mainframe structure and make that available to anyone who wants it.  I’ll also see if I can eventually submit all my chatlogs and screenshots to Othinn. Looks like I’ll have a lot of work to do archiving every forum thread that was made pertaining to my stories so that I can keep them for posterity. Ugh, the thought of taking screenshots of every in-game email that I received is scary.

Sometime in June, I’ll probably post the link to this blog on the MxO forums and start posting there publicly as well. My handle there is 10011 and I was once and always a Vector machinist. Well… Enumerator machinist.  Within LESIG, I was originally nicknamed Binnie, although sometimes I was called Binary Boy. 😉  After the 2.0 revamp, I was known only as Bodhisattva.  Despite the name change to Message_Buffer, the other LESIG still call me Bodhi.  Or sometimes the affectionate Bodhi_Buffer.  You might also have known me as the forum moderator Inkblot.  It wasn’t easy holding positions in the two most verbally abused groups in MxO: LESIG and the volunteer mod team.  I can’t speak for the other mods but I did my best to be an impartial and helpful mod.  We may have taken a lot of crap for the improper actions of members of our groups, but many of us were trying our best to support the community.  For example, as Inkblot, I restored roughly 300 (if my memory serves me) posts from the Bazman sisters that had been deleted by an overzealous mod.  It was not an easy task as he had moved all the posts into a single thread and each had to be manually added to its original thread in a time-consuming process involving MxO’s broken search function and MxO’s slightly cumbersome mod tools. Funny how one mistake made by one member of a group can erase all the good things done by the others.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing you all for the last time. And once again, I extend the invitation to message me with contact info if you’d like to stay in touch. Xfire: emuninja

And now, one last teaser:

Keep your eyes open. 😉



  1. It would be best if you told me all the characters you’ve played (and any other LE or LESIG I might be missing) before the end of July so I can retrieve their character details (assuming you don’t have them all stored somewhere).

  2. I didnt see my name in here once. Lame. 😉

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