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I’ve never blogged before this. Previously, I was under the impression that blogging was for jerks who assumed that people cared about what they wrote on the internet. But after becoming one of those jerks, I find it’s not so bad. At the very least, I rationalize it to myself by trying to share stories, both my own and the others I find and enjoy on the internet (luckily I spare you the bad ones).

Anyways, after a year of sporadically updating this blog, I decided to take a look at the extensive stats available to me. Also because it is raining like Kamino outside.

Binary Visions has had 1,165 views in the past year, which is a lot more than I expected until I realized those aren’t unique IP page views. The most viewed post is of course the home page, but followed by The End of MxO with 63 views and Alexander’s Journal with 42 views. According to the stats, nobody ever clicks the external links I post to other web stories. Marble Hornets had 4 clicks and Every day the same dream had another 4 clicks, the rest only had 1 each. So I’m not doing such a great job of achieving my goal of introducing others to these interesting stories I find online.

The top referrers to this blog are the Pluribus Neo forum with 117 links to Binary Visions and of course, my own going-away post on the MxO forums (which I have now linked back to, hooray infinite recursion) with 71 links. I reread that post today and was disappointed by how little of what I intended to post actually made it there. Even still, I haven’t shared as much of the MxO related content here as I wanted to. Plus, I noticed that I never properly answered one of Conrac’s questions, so that will have to be resolved.

Lastly, there’s a year of Google search terms that brought people here (although most of those seem to be Othinn). Amusing ones have been bolded for your amusement.

what is unitedtomorrow mxo 12
mxo othinn 9
othinn “mxo” 8
bodhisattva mxo 7
mxo \”othinn\” 6
mxo “binary visions” 5
mxo bazman 5
othinn \”mxo\” 4 3
starschwar 3
mxo “othinn” 3
commandos 3 2
othinn “lesig” 2
ai-gabriel-story 2
evil commando 2
entropi “torofurioso” 2
commandos 2
zaitsoproxy 2
binary visions wordpress 2
binaryvisions 1
the matrixzion 1
rooftop amusement 1
\”\” 1
martix mxo joker blog 1
commandos character 1
zaitso 1
01mainframe mxo 1
united tomorrow mxo 1
mxo 991 program 1
othinn “binary” 1
mxo binary boy 1
matrix “binary visions” 1
othinn “matrix online” 1
entropi toro kisoku kabarr 1
what is meatwadded 1
othinn “binary visions” 1
united tomorrow “binary visions” 1
matrix online lesig 1
the watchmaker matrix 1
marble hornets 1
“ex-lesig” 1
othinn “matrix” 1
mxo “lesig” 1
binary boy location in mxo 1
othinn \”matrix online\” 1

Where do I see this blog going in Year II? Maybe I’ll finally post the rest of the summaries of my stories within The Matrix Online. I’ll definitely be updating my new story Ad Infinitum. “His Story” will probably be uploaded soon, along with maybe an update to “Her Story”, which I’m not really pleased with as is.

Mostly though, I hope to keep finding interesting stories made by other people that I can share here. That’s the point of stories, to enjoy them and share them with others.


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