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Axe Cop, Episode 1

This week I’m promoting the webcomic “Axe Cop“.  It is unique in that it is written by a 5-year-old (although he’s 6 now).  It is unique in that it is illustrated by said 6-year-old’s 29-year-old brother.  “Axe Cop” brings life to a story that is reminiscent of the childlike imagination we all had at age 5, back when we pondered how amazing it would be if we combined all the archetypes for badassery into one entity.  In this manner, “Axe Cop” features moon ninja vampire werewolves from the moon and a unicorn-horned cop-turned-dinosaur-turned-avocado-turned-ghost (at least, as far as I’ve read).  The story is spectacularly incohesive yet ties together so well.  And the illustrations are top notch, including what I perceive as a few winks to the audience from an adult interpreting for a child, such as when the aliens roll their eyes at their leader’s dastardly plan to throw things at Earth.

So if you’re in the market for some guffaws, check out Axe Cop. It’ll also be getting its own Dark Horse Comics printing and 3-issue miniseries in the spring of 2011, which according to the 5-year-old author, should look something like this:

Axe Cop Comicbook

And if you’re still not convinced:


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