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If your friends are anything like my friends, then you’ve heard “If I was in the zombie apocalypse, I would…” a few times. Now you can put them to the test.

This week I’ve been ensnared by a brilliant cooperative zombie apocalypse browser game. Die2Nite has created the framework for a group of 40 players to govern/police themselves and work cooperatively to survive in a zombie infested wasteland. Players must deal with limited food, water, and building materials by making foraging trips outside the safety of town to collect vital supplies.

The World Beyond...

Items and supplies can be shared in the town bank but there’s always the risk that less cooperative players will abuse this privilege. Luckily, the game has a system in place for players to file complaints against their fellow citizens, with enough complaints resulting in that player being banished from town and losing their citizen privileges. This works wonders for dealing with the inevitable griefers by keeping them from reopening the town gate or taking items from the bank. However, ever a system of checks and balances, if enough banished players work together they can overthrow the town’s citizens, thereby reversing the roles of citizen and banished. According to one story I’ve heard, 6 banished overthrew a town and cut off access to the water supply, forcing the townspeople to build construction projects in exchange for their water rations. Any game where the crafty and evil can institute forced slavery is a clever game in my book.

No zombies getting through tonight.

At the end of each game day, the town is besieged by the zombie horde, killing anyone left outside the town gates. The town’s defenses must equal the number of attacking zombies or else zombies break through, killing or infecting citizens who must be dumped outside the walls or risk spreading the infection. A crucial duty of every citizen is manning the town’s watchtower, thus increasing the estimation of the next day’s zombie attack. As the number of attacking zombies drastically increases, players must work together to find the resources they need to build defensive structures like a moat or buzzsaw defense platform.

A town lives or dies by its shared resources.

Some anecdotes from my 5 Day (and counting) survival in “The Cemetary of Rage” (town names are randomly generated). On the first day a griefer opened the town gates 10 minutes before the impending zombie attack, fleeing town, taking all our food and drug supplies with him (which we needed to regain points to close the gate again), and posting a friendly message of “DIEEE!!!!” on the town forum. Luckily, another player had some food stashed in their house and was able to close the gates, posting a reply of “Just you, asshole”, leaving the now-banished griefer trapped outside the walls for the zombies to devour. At the end of Day 2, we found ourselves unprepared for the 70-90 zombies estimated to attack that night with a defense of only 36, but rallied together to build “Screaming Saws” and add some defensive items to the bank. Since then our town of 40 has dwindled to a town of 22 as people have died of infection, dehydration, a suicide by cyanide pill, and plain old death by zombie. But now we’re about to survive the Day 5 attack of 200 zombies.

But best of all, when you die in Die2Nite you get to start over again in a new town with new people and apply what you’ve learned about cooperation and survival. Try it out at


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