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I wanted to update this blog more frequently and finally finish archiving my storylines from MxO. Instead, I did the opposite.

I’ve been incredibly productive elsewhere though. At the time of my last post I was an unemployed physics grad painting people’s houses to pay rent. Since then I’ve gotten a great job (still involving automation, but different) and moved into a larger apartment with a balcony for contemplation. I spent several months developing a darkly humorous Xbox Live Indie Game. Most importantly I’ve been constructing the universe of Ad Infinitum and on a massive scale. I now have 4 notebooks full, about 500 pages of scrawl covering alien biologies and cultures, the technologies at hand, tales of gods and demons, and the continuing escapades of the devious synthetic sentience known only as 991. This story is developing into a complicated intertwining monstrosity in its complexity. For comparison, the stories I created for MxO were mostly developed in my head with no notes or storyboards. It would take a few months of thinking on a subject for it to coalesce into a fully-fledged story. My new project has outpaced the former.

Ad Infinitum is now the work of several years of my brain’s background workings and with an expected completion date of at least a decade in the future, it should turn out to be quite the story. I am still working on finding the right balance of mediums to convey the vision I have locked away in my head but I am confident the ultimate product will be something new and unique, largely inspired by my initial successes with storytelling in MxO. It will be a story for people like me who enjoy a story that is also a puzzle.  The audience will have to read between the lines, draw connections between stories and timelines, sniff out the inconsistencies of unreliable narrators.  It is a grand vision and I hope that the physical product measures up with time.

At the moment I am trying to translate the bulk of my notes into an actual physical product. I have been selectively reading a lot of science fiction lately. There is a list of 70 novels that I have handpicked to study for some specific element that the author achieved to perfection. I’ve slowly been crossing titles off my list as the piles of books fill my room. Unfortunately, actually reading them is a harder task than acquiring them. I’m currently halfway through Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon The Deep and loving it for the complex layering of realizations that he uses to keep the reader reevaluating their conceptions of what is happening in the story and what will happen next.


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