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After MxO ended I was without a creative outlet for some time. It drove me crazy.

For a long time I had been interested in the concept of a multiverse and the stories that would thrive there. I’ve certainly consumed enough books, movies, and televisual entertainment that toy with different conceptions of a multiverse. But I’ve never really felt satisfied that they’ve delved deep enough into the possibilities that such an environment provides. This is something I decided I would like to pursue myself. I had already shown myself that I loved creating complex stories of the sort so complicated that none but their creator could entirely fathom what was going on. A multiverse scenario seemed expansive enough to allow for that on a much larger scale.

And so I began to conceive of the infinitum of Ad Infinitum and work out how such a thing might exist and what might go on in/on/around it. I imagine a patchwork of infinite worlds, connected to each other through regions of shared space that exist simultaneously in both places, brought into being by a catastrophically destructive event of unknown origin. This Cataclysm that had the power to break whatever laws of physics these universes had in common would instantly destroy an unknowable number of worlds as incompatible physics were brought into contact, lethal atmospheres were combined, black holes were born, planets tore themselves apart, and so on. Considering only cases where planetary surfaces were in mutual contact, what would remain, if anything, would be a network of barely habitable worlds connected spatially at key points. The non-science of fiction (or an intelligence behind the Cataclysm) surely smooths out any rough spots so far.

In this lattice of connected worlds that I refer to as the infinitum, there would surely be worlds with life, hopefully intelligent.  Of these intelligent species, their technological level (i.e. adaptability to life post-C) would vary wildly. I envision they would range from galactic and planetary civilizations down to national and tribal organizations. Planetary civilizations would likely have the high level of technology and renewable resources to sustain the current population that would be required to achieve an equilibrium state post-C, especially since distribution infrastructure would already be in place. National and Galactic civs are also probable self-stabilizers although National civs would suffer from factional divides, resource hoarding, and lack of infrastructure and Galactic civs may suffer from dependence on other worlds in their Galactic empire that are no longer accessible and therefore lack of local infrastructure. Did I mention that bizarre radiation inhibits space travel in the infinitum? It does. Space opera is not for me.

However, the self-stabilizing civilizations of the infinitum also become target destinations for refugees fleeing destabilized worlds, thereby pulling them farther from equilibrium. Without preventative measures population will continue to increase beyond resource and infrastructure capacity. Therefore only civs that maintain strict border control would be able to remain stable without external influence.

This is mitigated by the presence of “Superior” species whose technology is far advanced beyond the average level of the infinitum’s species. These Superiors would either claim possession of a group of worlds, fortify/conceal their position in the infinitum against other species, or if possible leave the infinitum. These Superiors would have the technology to terraform worlds to make them habitable once more, modify the biology of species to allow them to survive, and generate useful resources from raw materials.  Aid-providing Superior civs would likely still find themselves struggling with insufficient resources to support the growing number of supplicants seeking their aid. Expansion-oriented Superiors would be forced to continue expansion until they have spread themselves too thin and are forced to delegate responsibility to their subjects. As other species become more familiar with the operation of Superior technology, the drastically outnumbered Superior species would be crowded out of their former positions of power and would in many cases seek seclusion, leave the infinitum, or succumb and go extinct for all their good intentions.  They would leave behind a legacy of salvaged technology and isolated bands of exiles and survivors.

This is the universe that I see in my dreams and the landscape where my stories come to life.  It is a dirty and rough and desperate universe in some places.  It is a lavish and carefree paradise in others.  It allows for an infinite number of biological configurations with an infinite number of cultures and technologies and beliefs and all the possible interactions between them.

I hope to bring more of this place to life through my writing.


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