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As promised, a little later than intended, here’s some information about my new venture.

Nonadecimal Creative

Nonadecimal Creative exists to produce artistic narrative experiences in the mediums of videogames, webcomics, and non-traditional storytelling.  Through it, I seek to blend the strengths of film, procedural narrative, graphic novels, and interactive fiction to produce engaging new stories with other creative minds.  Our first collaboration has manifested as Afterdeath, a videogame about Death, the grim reaper, and what happens when a pilfering robot steals Death’s scythe.  The game is a 2D platformer that gives the player complete control of jump angles, allowing 180 degrees of choice with every press of the jump button.  5 unlockable characters expand the element of choice with non-traditional platformer mechanics like a character who only moves by bouncing off surfaces or a character who can charge the force of jumps with static electricity by sliding on walls.

The game’s narrative is told through the art and music of the levels, leaving it to the players to follow the story of a force of nature relentlessly pursuing a programmed automaton.  The game is on track to feature 20 tracks of original music, 6 unique worlds with different themes and gameplay tactics, 140 levels to explore Death’s journey, an additional 50 levels made specifically to challenge the unique movement mechanics of unlockable characters and tell their stories, and many hidden collectible items.  It will be released through Xbox Live Indie Games, Ouya, and PC distribution methods later in 2013.  Check out the website or follow @Nonadecimal for more updates as we near release date.

Afterdeath is just a small step toward bigger plans and a return to the layered combination of puzzles and storytelling that I enjoyed producing for the Matrix Online.  Successive projects will build on the former to produce larger and more fulfilling works over the next several years so keep your eyes open!


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