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Simultaneously, a place to share thoughts and ideas with others, an arena for my creativity, and a collection of anecdotes and supplementary material from my time developing interactive story content for The Matrix Online.



  1. Sorry to here about your time in hospital, and thank your very much for being one of the only reasons ive stuck around this last year. Your stories have intrigued me a great deal. I have had some pretty interesting conversations with diced over the past year and i would love for these to continue. As it stands your latest work is absolutely excellent and now i have found the reason for it dying off recently i implore you to attempt to finish it before you throw in the towel. I realize it must be hard hiding behind anonymity not being able to speak to friends you have made about your work. But I’d just like to say thank you for doing a excellent job and i hope to see more of your puzzles soon.

  2. I write this knowing full well you have little or no idea who I am. The name will probably ring a bell, if only for the fact I’m on the PN boards.
    I had a very similar beginning to MxO to you. I played in Beta and was going along happily. Sadly, a few issues led me to falling on my ass about 1 month into release. The explosion of my PC and move to SOE saw me leave, seemingly forever. The few friends I had made in-game were quickly lost. They all trickled out of the game as SOE came closer to taking over. I believe a great deal left due to the bad-mouthing of SOE that went on in the Collective forums, and the disagreements we (Collective drop-outs) had when we created the short-lived Triumvirate.
    Anyway. Had my friends stayed in-game and in-touch, I would probably have been back sooner. Nevertheless, university came along and I soon forgot about it (bar the occasional conversation to a school friend who played it when home from uni).
    I joined last year (just after the anniversary).
    Most of what I knew was long gone, but the story was what kept me going.
    If there is one thing I regret, and this is because of everything I have read here and around about, is that I missed your stories and RP. Sure I have seen A:B and enjoyed that.
    But I have seen numerous people get excited and run around like mad-men when a randomly named lowbie pops up on /who, in the hopes its an image frag.

    I don’t really know where I’m going with this. But I guess, given the current situation with Rarebit, no one knows what is happening or will happen. I only hope you continue to work on what you are working on, and release it when ready. Don’t rush it, I think that would ruin the memory of someone who seems to have affected so many.

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