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“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” —Muriel Rukeyser

I hope to share the other interesting stories I find on the net. They seem to take the form of text, webcomics, videos, and flash games. To facilitate the sharing of such, I’m archiving the relevant posts and links here, for ease of finding.

(my post) – a webcomic that uses interesting light/dark contrast, 62 panels
Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life (my post) – a quirky and humorous webcomic about two robots misadventuring from Mercury to Saturn after the human extinction, 78 panels
They’re made out of Meat (my post) – a really short story by Terry Bisson about the smug superiority of space-faring aliens
Axe Cop (my post) – a webcomic written by a 5-year-old and illustrated by a 29-year-old

Marble Hornets
(my post) – a spooky, unfolding mystery told through a stash of old video tapes, 25+ short video entries (still in progress)
Alma (my post) – a creepy animated film about a little girl named Alma and a doll store, 5 minutes
Connected (my post) – a post-apocalyptic vision of symbiosis and greed, 6 minutes
I’m Here (my post) – a robotic love story, written and directed by Spike Jonze, 30 minutes
Carousel (my post) – a single moment frozen in time creating a story that unfolds spatially, 2 minutes

Interactive Stories:
Every day the same dream (my post) – an interactive reflection of and journey through the tedium of life, 5-10 minutes
Die2Nite (my post) – a free cooperative multiplayer real-time strategy browser game set in the zombie apocalypse, live your own story


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