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From 2005 through 2009, I was involved with The Matrix Online, the massively-multiplayer game based on the Matrix franchise. I received the unique opportunity to work with some of Sony Online Entertainment’s developer staff to create stories, events, and puzzles for the game’s player base. I enjoyed the opportunity to work creatively within the rich world that had been created through the Matrix films, exploring humanity through the eyes of machines. I wrote several large story arcs which intricately connected with one another. Although ultimately my ambition outgrew my available time, leaving my last stories unfinished, I still produced a few good stories and puzzles which kept a group of MxO’s players occupied for months at a time.

The Watchmaker:
Part 1: A Broken Watch
Part 2: Sibling Rivalry

Part 3: Time Runs Out

991/The Joker:
A Clown Appears
The Organization Reports
Rajlich’s Research: The Puzzles Begin
Rajlich’s Research: The Puzzles Continue
Rajlich’s Research: The Puzzles End

Keep Your Eyes Open:
(summaries forthcoming)

SgtSteele and the Commandos


These posts pertaining to The Matrix Online reflect my eventual gushing of information to those in the MxO community who followed my stories after having spent years in mandatory silence to protect the secrecy of the story-telling group.
Opening Musings
Not yet what I intended, but another post regardless.
Either a beginning or an end.
Addendum: On Storytelling
Subject goes here.
The End of MxO
MxO Forums Going Away Forever
MxO Post-mortem With Walrus


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