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In Rajlich’s journals, he describes having found something that he refers to as “Emily Phillips Osmond” which can be interpreted as his code word for an EPO from one of Paul Chadwick’s Matrix comics. His interaction with this Emily Phillips Osmond caused him to fall under the attention of 991 and become part of the insane metaprogram’s ongoing human experimentation. However, with tools created from the device, Doctor Rajlich was able to track 991 and determine that the program keeps itself alive by maintaining data nodes hidden in the code of the Matrix which contain the combined knowledge of all 991’s subprograms. As instances of the 991 metaprogram regularly communicate with these nodes, Doc Raj was able to track these connections, allowing the players to triangulate the positions of 991’s data nodes.

As a puzzle, this was fairly simple, but of course players tried to make it harder than it needed to be. The images provided by Pamela gave a set of XYZ coordinates and several parametrized linear equations. A frequency is also provided for each linear equation. The Pamela images are found below:

Solving the locations of the data nodes was a simple matter of solving the intersections of the linear equations. The frequencies shown in each image were multiples of the frequency of the particular node to which that signal connected. The XYZ coordinates could be entered into Adelia along with the proper frequency to redirect players to the contents of 991’s node.

The next post will showcase the contents of 991’s 12 data nodes. (although that might have to wait awhile as it’ll be a pain in the ass to upload all 220 images from the data nodes)


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