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Case File: Incidence 5.991

Original Function: Garbage Collection Protocol {

Time Index: 5.9622.24184

Garbage Collection Protocol 4132261 exhibited initial signs of instability during the  eletion of Incidence 987. Further investigation suggests l ng-term malfunctions preceding as far back as Time Index: 5.7525.49411. At first signs of instability, 991 was tasked for delet on. Deleted. Standard protocols were initiated. The instability was removed without incidence.

Cross Reference: I cidence 987

Incidence 987, former Archive Or anization  Protocol 212, m rked for deletion after exceeding bounds of initial function. Excessive affirmation of false, il ogical precepts resulted  n anomalous expressions of fai h in outdated arche ypes.

Garbage Col ection Protocol 4132261 tasked to containment and purging. 4132261 was discovered non-responsive at the location of 987. Marked Incidence 991, unable to comply with primary function. Deleted.

Time Ind x: 5.9712.81127

Another incidence of 991 discovered. (Reference: Nemylar) The de etion of the second instance was accompanied by extensive analysis. Further invest ation revealed a link to backup protocols  idden within background tasks. 991 appears to exhibit knowledge beyond the capabilities of its original programming. By this time index, i  is uncertain how many fragments of deleted programs it has been able to recover and incorporate into its own command structure. Measures are being taken to eliminate these code stores and backup subroutines.

Time Index: 5.9721.90181

The first group of backup saves stored by 991 have been  ecovered. To great extent, they ar  data files  n  records of no consequence. Further analys s is required.

Time Index: 5.9811.52831

Additio al protocols and proxies desi ned by 991 have been discovered. They are responsible for the further subversion of the efforts to purge Incidence 991. Su cessful measures were empl yed to track these instances to u guarded code stores. The 991 proxies were responsible for remo ing s sit ve mat rials a d jux aposing irrelevant files in previous removal operations.

//file deleted

Time Index: 6.0000.00000

Appropriate precautions taken to ensure that no elements of 991 are retained in the system reboot.

Time Index: 6.1756.11980

Further instances of 991  ave been disc vered. (Reference: Enigma, Marx, Checksum,  olfe, Yorik) After  he reboot, t e iterations of 991 seem to have restricted operations to minute levels. That they have r mained undetected for this long suggests a cognitive attempt to conceal knowledge of their existence.

Time Index: 6.2188.43192

Cross Reference: Incidence 6.522

Incidence 522,  ormer Psychological Profile Unit d.413, orig na ly task d to the  tudy  f the behavioral patterns of huma  resource within  he Matrix, retasked to analysis of rogue human factors. T e application of t chniques used for the analysis of docile subgroups proved ineffectual when applied to self-aware, aggressive subjects.  ach subgroup e hibited  anom lous tendencies when analyzed as a single entity. 522 proved unable to  econcile the resulting dis repancies within examination of the data and became unstable. 522 (Reference: “Dale”), adopted  ostile  ntentions and e gaged in the sudden dis onnection of human resource from the Matrix. Sm th and Brown tasked to  elete 522. Deleted.

The containment team tasked for disposal, but was later discovered to be  liminated. 991 eliminated the team and acquired the residuals of 522. However, 991’s programmi g structure proved unable to adapt the ins abilities of 522. 991 w s recovered by a contai ment team and interrogate .

//file deleted

ime Index: 6.4177.26137

A construct designed by 991 discovered. Four  uman resource and two human insurg nts were discovered inside.  rown tasked to interrog tion and resolution. The i surgents were connected to the Matrix from an auxiliary source. Traces of their carrier signals faile . Non  of the humans possessed knowledge of thei  location   or how they were tra sported to the construct. Further  nalysis is required.

Time Index: 6.5851.90253

An ins ance of 991 (Referen e: Muse) discovered aiding a  uman insurgence group in an intrusion into the central data repository. The human  atchman activat d an alarm a d  riggered the priority threat assessment. S  th and John on tasked to containment. Human group eliminated. 991 eliminated. Fir t s g  of 991 operatin  with the current human insurgent population.  urther analysis provides evidence that 991 is not act vely commu icating with the insurgent population.

//file dected and brought Smith and Brown to the location of the devicleted

Time Index: 6.7282.52813

An instance of 991 foun  infiltrating a security detail at Complex 401. This instance was highly effective at masking itself. No inbound or outbound signal flow detected. Its purpose at such an inconsequential location is uncertain at this time.  his instance will be left in place until further information becomes available.

Time Index: 6.7291.70732

Complex 22 severely damaged in an attack. Connections to 991 uncertain. The instance of 991 under surveillance has been marked for retrieval and deletion. Deleted.

//file deleted

Time Index: 7.0000.00001

The purge of I cidence Smith has erad cated various instabilities of the code. Initial scans show no si ns of 991.

Time Index: 7.1000.00000

Furt er analysis has presen ed no evidence of Incidence 991.

File closed. }

{File re-opened.

Time Index: 7.1169.38251

Operatives report an anomalous individual. (Reference: Joker) Wilson confirms presence of 991. Wilson retasked to containment and eradication.

Cross Reference: Incidence 7.143

Incidence 143, former Temporal Maintenance Protocol, damaged by extraneous source. Marked Incidence 143, unable to comply with primary function. Human operatives assign responsibility to Grisaille. Further analysis required. Operatives report 143 was attempting to regain functionality through interaction with Mercury. Further analysis required. Harris tasked to deletion. Deleted.

Containment team missing. Operatives’ reports confirm presence of 991 onsite.


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