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After players performed the necessary tasks to fix the broken “Watchmaker” program, he had a new message for them. The macros used to relay this message follow:

/macro 33 /say Once again, I would like to thank SkyBruin, xTheReturnx, Scythin, and Mercio of Morpheus’ Legacy for having the skill to fix my damaged processes.; /pause 300; /say Now, however, I need all your help again.; /pause 100; /use 4 3

/macro 34 /say From what I can compile, I was attacked here. Something was taken from me. Something important. With the aid of those few, I was able to patch the damaged subroutines and regain minimal functions.; /pause 200; /use 5 3

/macro 35 /say However, this stolen code does not belong in certain hands. I need your help to decipher the fragmented data I compiled after the attack and track down the culprit. Time is of the essence, as you might say.; /pause 600; /use 6 3

/macro 36 /say My associate is able to employ his technology to lift hidden data from the locations you determine are of importance, especially data hubs such as hardlines. Uplink coordinates to me and I will relay them to him.; /pause 900; /use 7 3

/macro 37 /say Here is what I’ve compiled of the conversation I held prior to the attack:; /pause 200; /say -ited here for you.; /pause 300; /say -ot what I expected.; /pause 200; /say -thought the Legi- -keep her fro- -more like a merce-; /use 8 3

/macro 38 /pause 200; /say –a ring of mountains, lies a delicate flower encased in stone.; /pause 300; /say –nderstand now.; /say –other will not know of this.; /pause 400; /say I did what you asked. There is no need to–; /use 9 3

/macro 39 /pause 300; /say Transcript Ended.; /pause 100; /say I also found this line: To whom do you turn when you add sin to grace?; /pause 300; /say Expect more data soon. This should be enough to get you started looking around.; /use 10 3

/macro 30 /say I am convinced it was one of the powerful Exiles who did this and that they have an ulterior motive.; /pause 100; /say This missing code could do a great deal of harm to the natural aspects of this system.; /pause 600; /use 1 4

/macro 41 /say One more thing, my… associate has some advice for you. He asked me to protect his identity in this manner:; /say eXecute:-; /pause 20; /use 6 10; /pause 20; /use 8 10; /pause 10; /use 6 10; /pause 10; /say secondarY:; /use 8 10; /use 2 4

/macro 42 /pause 20; /use 6 10; /pause 20; /use 8 10; /pause 10; /use 6 10; /pause 10; /use 8 10; /pause 10; /use 6 10; /pause 40; /use 8 10; /pause 40; /say end.; /say He asked that only those who solve his location are to know he’s involved.; /use 3 4

/macro 43 /pause 100; /say Keep a close watch and I’m sure you’ll see a bit more than you expected.; /pause 300; /say And of course, relay all information to me via a secure uplink.; /pause 200; /say Repeating transmission.; /use 4 4

/macro 44 /pause 2400; /use 3 3


At this point, players began submitting coordinates of the many hardlines around the city to the Watchmaker who then relayed them to his secret contact (the exile Mercury, whose coordinates were given in binary through a sneaky macro that changed the Watchmaker’s pants from white to black). The players would then get back either a message that had been relayed past that hardline (meaning that the sender and recipient were on a line that passed near that point), a fragment of a message from the mysterious Mr. X (who was responsible for damaging the Watchmaker), or both. The messages were all from members of the two Exile families that served as optional mission contacts for players around the city. I completed many of their side missions and tried to incorporate their own rivalries and personal ambitions into the messages, as well as their mannerisms and tone.

The messages follow, with the sender and recipient included. In the original event, they were not and players had to figure out who was who.

Mercury – To those who know what I am doing

If you are reading this, then you were probably smart enough to figure out that I am helping TheWatchmaker. Why? Because he has done a few things for me in the past. I owe him a solid.

I wanted to pass this advice on to you, more clever humans. With this data tap I have coded, I can lift data out of transmissions as they pass through data stream hubs. You find me the hardlines that these transmissions are going through and I should be able to pick up the information for you. Look for these hardlines that probably have transmissions passing by them.

Let me know when you have some work for me to do.


Manssen SE: -749, -78: Greene-Silver: Sweet Sets and Clean Necks

You’re a real stand-up bloke, mate. Say things go down right as rain; you probably won’t mind if I slide a few quid your way for your barney, eh? It’s a right decent setup for me and a bloody good one for you too. Just make sure you get this done for her double bubble and we’ll keep our necks in the clear.

-I have a business proposition for you, Mr. Bishop. I believe you have in –

Jurong C: -162, -196: Lotus – X

That is something I cannot do. Whatever you may say, I cannot possibly do that.

-stopping by to retrieve the item soon.-

Stamos NW: -678, 162: Cerulean – Mandarin: Big Sis

I’m sick of this! They’re planning something and they aren’t telling me! Come on, sis, tell me what they’re up to or I’m telling Mother and Father. There must be a reason he’s got all his people down there at that plant. Plus, I found one of these there too. Nobody knows that I saw them there. I know you must know something about this, you know just about everything. Come on, tell me! And then the other one is spending an awful lot of time with Her Warriorness. They think I don’t notice, but I do. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll show them.

Mara S: 390, -214: Indigo -Yttri: RE: Job Offer

I’m afraid I don’t have that sort of code available at the moment. Nothing like that, no. I could ask around, but that would depend a great deal on what you need it for. The end result is largely governed by the subtleties of the rhythm and the beat. If I don’t take purpose into consideration, there could be… you just don’t want that to happen. Does this have something to do with your brother?

-Matrix. This particular piece of code was quite effective in –

Ueno NW: -314, 80: Bishop – Hypatia: Secret offers?

To cut to the chase, darling, I’ve received a rather unusual message. Someone’s looking to buy some old proprietary code. They bounced their signal off too many hardlines for me to trace it. I thought with your collection, you might have heard something too. It’s a good offer, I don’t see any reason not to take it, I’m just a bit… concerned, I suppose. I’m supposed to make the drop between the light of the day and its plaza.

Sai Kung C: 428, -55:

-suspended condition. You give it to me and, in exchange, you get this record of-

Sobra NW: -551, -1102: Indigo – Raini: You scratch my back…

You’re perhaps the only one suited to this task, darling. And with your… bountiful talents, it should be a simple matter. A friend of yours is protecting someone that I think could be very valuable to me. I know he still feels strongly for you, it would be a simple matter to rekindle his interest. All you have to do is work your charm on him, find out where he’s hiding the little ticking man. Then tell me where he is and I can employ his services.

As for you, I think we can reach a–

-reactivated and modified to alter a subject’s source code according to the specifications-

Sobra SE: -178, -1416:

-of a certain fragment of operating code. I’ve already prepared the carrier proxy, I just –

Shinjuku WC: -220, 324: Dame White – Mr. Black: Filial responsibility.

Trying to pawn responsibility for him off on me? He’s your son too. You handle it. Although he seems to think he can play those radicals to his whims well enough. And he just might be succeeding.

-the self-replicating system errors from the last iteration. Someone will be –

Rogers C: -644, -579: Greene – Rose: A gift for big brother.

I’ve found just the ticket to get you into big brother’s good graces, dearie. I found this bloke, a downright useful chap as far as data interpolation goes. Maybe I’ll let you hoof him over to big brother, let you take the cred for finding him. But if I’m to do that for you, you’ll have to do me one. What’s brother up to down there? Got himself the blues, has he? Throw me some info on his wheelings and dealings and I’ll take care to toss this chap your way soon enough.

-I require your services. I have a disabled pathogenic code system that I need to be-

Manssen NW: -845, 80: Cerulean – Violet: Eyes everywhere.

Well, poppet, I hear you’ve thrown in with brother on some scheme. You know you’ve attracted some attention, haven’t you? Not just little brother, but a crowd of humans at Debir. Surely nothing you can’t take down on your own, but attention can be bad for you nonetheless. I know you and I haven’t gotten along in the past, but I assure you I can be of use to you now. What is it you two are up to?

-What if I told you I could take Black out of the picture for good? I know you’re-

Bathory W: -929, 407:

-I know who ruined your deal with the Chef and have the evidence to-

Hampton NC: -74, 178: TickTock – Auditor: Revelations and Retributions

I need to request a favor of you. However, I am not entirely without recompense. Recall that rather disastrous cascading resource leak? I have recently uncovered evidence that places responsibility on a scheme of Black’s that involved continuous tapping of data nodes. I’ll give you this evidence for– one moment, I am activating security measures.

-information, you will not only have the identity of those involved, but a substantial –

Tabor W: 531, 420:

-Auditor. I’m sure you could persuade him to give you Black’s-

Chelsea NC: 139, -626:

– -X-

Midian W: 1115, -991: Anti-M – Beryl: RE: A little trip.

That would be delightful. Although one of my suppliers in Paradise was picking up a lot of unusual signals north of the Black he said. Could be mongrels. Could be worms. Maybe we should go to Noir instead?

Apollyon SE: 557, -1667:

-to be a data upload of a certain frequency. Not to worry, I already have all the necessary –

Zia N: 773, -440: Silver – Thallia: A friendly chat.

Seems so long since we’ve had a decent conversation, sister. I admit you haven’t been on my mind of late. But then one day I was reviewing some taps on Mercury’s transmissions and I saw what awful things he was saying about you. He must be emboldened by the fact that he’s got a herd of meat working for him now, however that happened. Perfectly unpredictable these meatbags are. Like sheep. So eager to find a shepherd. Or a slaughterhouse. We really should have these talks more often.

– -X –

Edgewater E: -1021, -1039:

-support it. If you want this information, you’ll have to offer some –

Dannah W: 104, -1104: Violet – Argon: A bit of advice.

I thought you might want to know that Silver came to me looking for help. Seems he designed some sort of virus that he was planning to use to take you down. He needed me to help him deliver it. I have no tolerance for sniveling cowards like him. You on the other hand know how to take charge, command authority. You’ll probably want to take action against him for this, swift and brutal. Just say the word; I’d be glad to help.

-need you to design the implant and install it, along with the delivery peripherals. It needs –

Bathory Row SE: -302, 201:

-your collection a rather virulent relic from a previous iteration of the –

Hampton Green SW: -206, -191:


Mara W: -64, -71:

-you do, the deal is off. All you have to do is have a little chat with the-

Lamar S: 134, -376:

-amount of $info as well. Shall we say, 200 million? Do this for me and it is yours.-

Lamar N: 350, 97:

-so much trouble. You do this for me and Black’s territory is yours. –

Chelsea NE: -306, -503:

-responsible for that system resource leak that caused him –

Lemone C: 875, -1177: Thallia – Ruth: Conflict Resolution

You really should calm down. He isn’t one to openly cause trouble like that. There must be something else going on. What exactly did brother tell you? It’s entirely possible he’s having another one of his jealous moments. I think we should step back and see the big picture. Find the connections. See what’s really going on here.

-data for the design. In exchange, you’ll get your standard fee, plus, if it works, we’ll have –

Zia S: 830, -667: Silver – Argon: A friendly reminder.

I should hope you remember your place, brother. These are chaotic times and accidents are known to happen.

-some time left to use it on your dear rival.-

Tabor E: 943, 268:

-its ability to disrupt specific old programs. It has no use to you in its current –

Vauxton C: -1182, -578:

-of your own in exchange. I require transcripts of the self-replicating-

Chelsea SE: 430, -821:

-system update cycles if you can prove that Black was-

Lucero W: -734, -298: Greene – Violet: End game.

It’s done. He’s all set to take the fall. Any data he saves for himself will likely be destroyed in the following chaos. And if not, I can always make sure something happens to it.

-listening now. Don’t bother trying to trace this transmission; if-

Park East C: -624, 159:

-as the status logs of the affected programs. If you can provide this –

Center Park N: -892, -291:

-systemic errors from several of the previous iterations of the Matrix as well –

Zia N: 773, -440:

–X –


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