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From: Markov

To: Rasalgethi

Lost the lab over in Guinness today. Looks like the bastard blew some code bomb or something. All the Smoothtalker boys and the techies were destroyed, plus the comps and the junk. Looked through what’s left, it’s a real mess. No hope of fixing up any of them. Spent a couple of hours trying to rebuild the mainframe files. Only got some bits and pieces and they don’t make no sense. See what you think.


with this new one. Found him standing over Scratch after some of those redpills ki

t calls himself Conundr

out. He was

he lupines from shooti

mused. Everybody was tense and angry o

th us. Prelimi

amazing find. Looking forward to the interrogation.

ce I’ve started, I’ve learned th

e silent treatment. Only going to make things hard for hi

code so fragmented tha

grammer’s nightmare, for sure. Can’t have come from the S

pines roughed him up un

ceiving through the qua

, of course.

synched the timing of the updates. T

tching harmonics of 13.9

race the patterns.

which link to various data nod

ally cracked the first location. So much information w

pdate cycles, contact names, locations of anom

so the techs uploaded it and are taking it back to the lab

drum was really talkative when we

sually hostile, but this one d

ybe a good sign. Recording ev

tory about the Guardia

safe passage. The c

If that’s true, th

itect. Maybe an exception

ramming flaws. Wishful thinking? I d

rberus? I’m looking through the data we recov

any of the possible matches. If we coul

remely valuable. An

e says Cassandra is the on

erday; at least it won’t be the la

o I rechecked the values. Threshold of 14.59

le to reproduce the results with remarkable prec

1001 0100 11

ll be applicable to our own needs. I’ll see if I can upg

n a bluepill? The second t

een processing more of the recovered data. I noticed something un

kground tasking, maybe nothing, but I do

tely something wrong. File

en we compiled the data, some sort of vi

hidden in the c

entire mainframe

st won’t stop talking. The lupines beat him horribly, but he kept on talking the wh

rst part is that smile. Ches

t wanted us to find t

ted to be caught. Just a damn game. A d

ars of research on anomalous programming fl

ealed the facil

body’s getting in here to resc

r steal our research

t risk sending mainframe backups through the lockdo

‘t do anything about the ma

ines are going to k

will all be over soon.


I did a search for more info on Scratch and dug up this email about our program.


From: Scratch

To: Bluescreen

this whacky ass fool Mr E is gonna help us out. Buck musta sent him cuz he knew what we was gonna do. dont matter as long as it gets done. says he doesnt want the usual pay tho. he just wants me to get him an in with the Network. says he needs to cut a deal with that guy. dont matter to me, as soon as we’re done hes getting a speedy deletion thx to my arpin.

anyway, heres the crazy part. shows up at the club with the key card already on him. Buck never told me he got that part taken care of.

tomorrow were gonna zip into the library and steal those disks. Mr Es gonna meet me after. then hes gonna be Mr Dead.


After this, I did a little asking around about programs involved with the Network and found out that someone did some work for the Merovingian in the past in exchange for certain favorable dealings with the Network.


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